Our Expertise

Our experience with coordinated drive systems extends to many industries including metal rolling, metal processing, coil coating, plastic film and light weight netting, pulp and paper, and other general process industries.

We know and understand how to achieve maximum productivity and return on your investment by ensuring:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved hardware reliability
  • Reduced start-up risk
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved troubleshooting
  • Phased-in retrofits
  • Greater system flexibility
  • Improved speed regulation
  • Simple and accurate tuning
  • User-friendly graphics
  • Remote diagnostics capabilities

Features & Benefits 

  • SCR Bus / Chopper  Technology enables multiple drives to share regenerative power locally, substantially improving overall process efficiency.  A typical SCR Bus / Chopper system is depicted below.
  • Mason-Grey’s control solution is based on Allen-Bradley’s ControlLogix PLC platform.  Widely used by the Fortune 500, the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix platform is a robust, reliable hardware platform.   The system features redundant backup systems, hot swappable I/O cards, and both regulated and backup power sources to ensure continuity of operations.  
  • Rockwell’s RS View Machine Edition HMI software package provides a single overview screen that gives the operator an “at-a-glance” view of the entire plant process. An alarm screen provides the operator with audible and visual cues of potential problems in the process.
  • Allen-Bradley’s PowerFlex AC Drives, Baldor RPM AC Max Motors and Dodge Magnum Gearboxes combine to provide our coordinated drive applications with uncompromising efficiency, torque, and horsepower.   This combination of industry-proven hardware enables the process line to operate at peak levels of efficiency for your highest level of profitability. 
  • Baldor’s RPM AC Max Motors feature continuous torque from zero RPM to base speed and also provide greater horsepower per frame size – up to three frame diameters smaller than corresponding NEMA fixed speed motors.

Why Mason-Grey?

Mason-Grey can execute your entire process control system upgrade, from requirements gathering to engineering, programming to commissioning.

All PLC, Drive and Operator Control Stations are pre-fabricated and shipped to your site ahead of process shutdown, minimizing shutdown requirements and ensuring success upon startup.