Over the years, we’ve helped our clients look at process control from the business perspective.

When we engage on a project, we leverage more than just our control system knowledge to ensure your project success. From tank and raw material management to delivery of finished goods, Mason-Grey’s understanding of industrial process control solutions optimized for the bulk chemical industry is second to none. 

Service Offerings

  • DCS and PLC Implementation 
  • SCADA, HMI and Historians
  • Process Modeling and Simulation 
  • Process Optimization

Industrial Gases

Proven Solutions for Precision Applications

The demand for the supply, distribution and processing of industrial gasses continues to increase significantly as worldwide demand increases.
Mason-Grey has developed expertise and capabilities in all aspects of automation and information management related to the production, transmission and processing of gas and gas liquids. Our proven approach utilizes comprehensive project engineering and consulting services that feature our proven methodologies and focus on delivering value to our clients.


Solutions for A Demanding Industry

The projected worldwide increase in the demand for refined transportation and heating fuels is forcing refiners to revamp their operations to better manage and increase production. Refiners continue to add new units and upgrade existing processes in order to produce end results that meet these demands. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Automation Solutions — Including project & program management, system integration & programming, instrumentation, electrical & controls engineering, procurement support, commissioning services, hot cutovers, training, operations support, and Advanced Process Control.  
  • Products — Including industrial fuels, heating oils, gasoline, lubricants, asphalt, coke, LPG, distribution, marketing, and chemical feed. 
  • Process — Including thermal separation, catalytic cracking, catalytic reforming, gas treating, isomerization, hydrotreating, hydrocracking, alkylation, sulfur recovery, lube oil unit, blending, asphalt, tank farm, and powerhouse/boilers/utilities. 
  • Continuous & Batch Processing — Mason-Grey is equally experienced in continuous and batch processes, and can step right into your process to make a difference. 

Did You Know…

Mason-Grey designed, fabricated and shipped a FCCU Scrubber LoTox Control System in just 25 days, shipping by FEDEX Custom Critical to our client site for immediate  installation.